" insufficient swear , stupid sage " (GUM009)

by nebulosa

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four songs i wrote about what surrounds me and what doesn 't


released April 21, 2018

all music written and performed by julio prato

recorded , mixed , and mastered by julio prato at grownup music studios

artwork by kelly kries , j card designed by antonio leone and rob orf

" i never knew what it is to be alone in my own little kingdom "

thank you


all rights reserved



Grownup Music St. Louis, Missouri

Grownup Music is an entity meant to pave the way for adult contemporary tendencies.

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Track Name: insufficient
hey , what 's up
i just got back from dumping all my songs
they were insufficient

the reason i tell you this is because
i have a new song
it 's pretty alright

insufficient funds , it 's alright
insufficient beverages , it 's alright
insufficient intoxicants , it 's alright
insufficient water

insufficient passion , fashion , screens
insufficient likes , light , silicone
insufficient vision , friction , day to day
insufficient time , rhyme , monastery

Track Name: swear
i swear to god i can see my reflection
on this glass of high life
i swear that i am glued to this chair
i swear to god i don 't know how people
go about having sex anymore
where is it

where is it

i swear that i don't understand
how to talk to people anymore
i feel like before i could
interest and engage
it seems like the people around me
are slowly adapting to a new perception of me
one without my confidence

so where is it

where does it stop hurting the most
when does it keep repeating
Track Name: stupid
stupid cars , stupid highway ,
stupid police , stupid railway ,
stupid train , it 's kind of insane ,
stupid police , say it again .

stupid country , colosseum ,
stupid ads , gotta see em ,
stupid nightclubs , indisposed ,
stupid wallet , stupid soul .

stupid mind , solid state drive ,
stupid time , bells chime ,
stupid needs , stupid deeds ,
stupid , stupid , stupid me .

i 've had about forty five chances to be stupid
and i 've taken every single one of them
i taught myself how to catch cigarettes with my mouth
because i don 't know what 's cool anymore .
Track Name: sage
way up in the hive mind
lives my inner sage ,
i found him with the help of a stranger
i said keep it down ,
your mirror cells nauseate me .

spending all my me time
writing dumb songs ,
or dancing with the lights on ,
and my eyes closed .
concocting clever phrases
that i 'll never see again
on the forty fifth notebook
that i 've bought this year

i 've been trying to ollie since i was nine years old
i don 't know why i 'm unhappy , and that 's probably why

analyze , cultivate ,
energize , discriminate ,
pop culture , interstate ,
peace of mind , velvet cage .

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